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Trained professionals

Ro.Gat is a known and accredited company in the field of professional training

Nowadays you can not be too prepared or never willing to deal with crime and violence with unforeseen problems without being trained. We provide training to many areas such as self-defense, use of firearms, risk assessment, its elimination and many others which help you in your life and profession. Our diplomas are recognized by the Academy of Police, General Directorate of Police and the Ministry of Interior.

Fields of training

Familiarity with the use of weapons laws.
Theoretical preparation on the use of weapons.
Types of authorizations and appropriate actions.
Documentation and austerity.
Familiarity with the internal composition of weapons.
Simulated scenarios and their resolution.
Practical training in our shooting range service.
Interaction with weapon parts.
Medical knowledge about the human body.
Giving first aid in case of need.
Simulation of different cases and their resolution.

Targeted Groups

This program will aim to train staff currently employed at various private police companies who legally use firearms, as well as all persons who under the law are allowed to carry firearms.



⁠⁠⁠Enver Lako

Technical manager for the training center

+355 ⁠⁠⁠69 751 9326

Enver has finished the military academy in 1984. Later he worked as a training professor and department director for training courses. His experience continues with training in Hamburg in Germany (2003-2005) and at the Marshall Center (2008-2010). His professionalism made him chosen as commander of a training mission in Afghanistan in 2012.