⁠⁠⁠Security Services - Rogat Security

How you can get maximum security in your facility


First step

Security plan

Second step

Placing the guards at the facility

Third step

Establishing monitoring and access control systems

Forth step

Verification from Operating Room
  • Security plan 1

    Our specialists make a full security plan for the weaknesses and strengths of the facility. The plan includes three points; safety, health and environment.
  • Placing the guards at the facility 2

    Security guards have proven abilities to ensure the highest protection for the public and private sectors. We are specialized in service integration of armed guards in uniform with the staff and unarmed services, using the latest technology security services available, staying abreast with the constant technology changes, to provide cost-effective solutions and efficient protection for each specific client needs.
  • Establishing monitoring and access control systems 3

    The entire facility is equipped with camera monitoring systems and access control.
  • Verification from Operating Room 4

    Operating room is one of the most important structures of our service to customers, which enables tracking of issues and dynamics of services in the protection and security of public buildings or private customers, security and protection of life and health of individuals and transportation of highly valued objects and materials.

We offer security services for you and your business

Training and the latest technology offering enables our specialists to be equipped with the appropriate tools to ensure the physical safety of persons, companies, institutions and other categories.

Special forces

They are at your disposal in case of incidents. They are skilled and able to solve the most difficult situations.


Object guard

Specialized for the safety of buildings and in emergency situations they alert the Operating Room.

We give safety profile and appropriate specialists to meet your requirements


Operating Room

Monitor every object remotely with cameras and in case of an emergency sends special forces in the location where their presence is necessary.


Transport of persons or objects of high importance

Transportation of weapons, cash values and objects of high importance with the armored car and escorted by guards.

Thanks to maximum security, quality of service and cooperation that Rogat Security provides, many financial institutions and international organizations trust us for this service

  • Embassies

  • International organizations

  • State institutions

  • Shopping Centers

  • Industrial Centers

  • Warehouses

  • Hotels

  • Companies

  • Banks

  • Private Mansions

  • Business Centers

  • Private offices